Just Starting

Family and friends have advised me to post my scrapbook and craft creations to a blog. I'm not exactly techni-savvy so I'm taking another MONTH OR TWO :D to figure this process out. I haven't even "tweeted" yet, so this is a big step for me. Please check back in a few days up to a week and hopefully I'll have some fun stuff up.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


SORRY for the quick change! I decided that LisaScrapbooks just didn't cover the crafting I actually do -- seems like scrapbooking is equally shared with other crafts -- so taking my family's and friends' advice I changed to a new blogspot ---
PUT THE GLUE DOWN!!! Since that's what I hear all the time when my family has to lure me away from my craft spot :)

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Steampunk Fairy House

I'm far behind on projects I promised friends I would do but I'm slowly getting caught up (dang teenager's been sick :( still sad to see my little baby ill (even though he's 14 yrs old and 6'2" lol)

But I had a challenge - something I had NEVER done before and even though it was late and took me much longer than I expected, I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED the results.

The challenge was to take a pint size carton (I used a Dannon Whipping Cream one even though I pictured a different one for you to get the idea of what I meant by carton) and decorate it only given a color or two.

Welcome home little Tinkering Fairies!

Three little blue eggs nestled on comfy moss.

I originally layered the house in pink Bazzill bling paper but that didn't seem to give the outside feel, so I cut strips off a piece of BoBunny paper. 

A little fairy from Graphic 45 paper looks out between flowering branches.  I cut her out of the paper and coated her in Glossy Accents so she would be more "tuff" to handling.

The entire house is about 8 inches with the chimney, somewhere in that range.  Those bronze clocks are a little bit bigger than a quarter. I layered sticks (from a broken grapevine wreath) over textured and inked paper for the door.  Tucked in some moss to hide an overdrip of hot glue.

The decorations going down both sides of the house like bronze swirls are Jolee's Steampunk stickers.
OH and that face... wish you could see it better.  It's a very lovely, serene face that I made from epoxy resin and a clay mold that I bought a long long time ago and had never used.  It turned out so pretty. Love the tiny swirls of wood from the grapevine sticks. See the fairy sneaking around the corner?

These are pieces of shattered blue glass encased in glossy accents that the fish is playing in, every fairy house needs a pond don't you think?

Yes, each little stick I broke and added, I had the most fun with this little chimney.  I was going to add a bird to sit over the eggs inside it but decided it might make it look like I overly embellished LOL <--yes that was sarcasm

I handmade the flower out of Bazzill Paper (Tutu Pink) and that Bee is AWESOME don't you think? It's about 2-inches or so, I think it really adds that WOW-factor.

Tucked in there with all the moss, crystals, eggs and flowers is a real snail shell... do you see it leaning against the base of the house?

This is the BACK of the house.  I put it against the back of the chipboard so I could have a 1" lawn in front :D -- I figured it wouldn't be seen as much so I didn't put so much on it.  The fairy is from Graphic 45.
The colors I was given was pink and black (they didn't have to both be used) but I think it turned out so Fun!  If I was a Tinkering Fairy, I would want to live here :)  How about you?

This is the type of carton to start your own house from (pictured below),  I used a pint size carton -- don't forget to completely open it up and wash it out and dry it before you start decorating.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easter Album

I don't want to show the inside pages yet in case the person that will receive this book looks at the blog but I handmade the bunny with epoxy and a candy mold and the bird's nest with a piece of raffia, twine,and Tim Holtz glue.  Loved making it!!  I'll put the rest on after it's received by the lady it was made for ...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Beaded Dangle Charm

I "might" have gone a "Little" overboard when adding beads and charms to this dangle.  I'm working on an Easter/Spring mini album and wanted a dangle charm to decorate the spine.  I think once I add a few ribbons and laces and this charm, the mini's should be decorated (at least on the edge).  Now for the rest of it!! Time to get to work! Check back in to see what's up.  I have so many irons in the crafting fire right now ranging from decorating scrapbook pages, magic cards, to a fantastic Fairy in a Jar.  For the Fairy in a Jar, I have molded a tiny waterfall out of epoxy to add an ethereal feel inside the jar.  Pictures are upcoming for that as well.

Also, I am planning on starting a different crafting blog over the next couple of days since  most of my crafts haven't been "scrapbooking" late

Friday, February 24, 2012

Twilight ( Vampire / Werewolf ) inspired Album

Starting to work on a Twilight-inspired album and was happy with how the first page turned out so I thought I would post it.  Keep checking back in to see the progress.  The pages are made of plain medium weight chipboard that I covered in paper.  I've had these papers since the second movie and FINALLY the inspiration is hitting! The metal wings around the antiqued brad make it have a fun/funky look in my opinion.

It opens in such a fun way, I hope I've reinforced the moving parts enough.
After you turn the three metal picture holders (there are 2 tiny washers under each one to keep movement smooth) then the "Immortal" label rotates up (there are tiny washers under the Stampin'Up antiqued brad as well) and two door-flaps where you can post your photos in the "forest".  I've stamped images on the red interior doors in case you don't post photos for awhile, it is still decorated.
Page 2 will be coming soon!! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kindness Matters / Valentine's Card

This is a card I made for a Valentine's /Thank You - my mother-in-law just had a nasty surgery and several of our fabulous neighbors brought in meals for over a week.  I know she will stress until each of them has received a heartfelt "thank you" and since it was over Valentine's Day, I thought I would blend the two events into one card to help her have some fast sends.  The roses are just found on the web in clipart images searching "victorian roses" and I cut around them and did a decoupage on the inside of the card as a POP-up when you pull a tag.  The punches, die cuts, embossing, water-color pencils and stamps are all Stampin'Up material with Bazzill papers, Tim Holtz' inks. The lace is Stampin'Up with Tim Holtz' inks aging it. Pearls are Stampin'Up and the green rhinestone was just loose in my crafting "hoard".
The picture makes the brown look uneven but it is even around the insert white.  The silver embossed stamp is one of Stampin'Ups new ones ... love it.

The green border is one of EK Success' new punches.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Steampunk Inspirational Art Collage

First time making an art collage, I just love Steampunk decor so I decided to implement some of that  into the design.  For a first timer, I think it turned out quite fun!  The dark item is actually a feather, though the pictures don't show it well.  My poor old camera is almost giving up the ghost. The big 3D blue flowers (3 of them-(1 on the hanger 2 on the collage)), I handmade, the rest of the stuff was just laying in my stash.  Even though you can't really see it, there is a rocking horse charm hanging from the bottom.  If I had my way about it I'd decorate my home in nothing but Victorian and Steampunk ... oh wait ... I do ! guess I better start thinking about decor.