Just Starting

Family and friends have advised me to post my scrapbook and craft creations to a blog. I'm not exactly techni-savvy so I'm taking another MONTH OR TWO :D to figure this process out. I haven't even "tweeted" yet, so this is a big step for me. Please check back in a few days up to a week and hopefully I'll have some fun stuff up.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Twilight ( Vampire / Werewolf ) inspired Album

Starting to work on a Twilight-inspired album and was happy with how the first page turned out so I thought I would post it.  Keep checking back in to see the progress.  The pages are made of plain medium weight chipboard that I covered in paper.  I've had these papers since the second movie and FINALLY the inspiration is hitting! The metal wings around the antiqued brad make it have a fun/funky look in my opinion.

It opens in such a fun way, I hope I've reinforced the moving parts enough.
After you turn the three metal picture holders (there are 2 tiny washers under each one to keep movement smooth) then the "Immortal" label rotates up (there are tiny washers under the Stampin'Up antiqued brad as well) and two door-flaps where you can post your photos in the "forest".  I've stamped images on the red interior doors in case you don't post photos for awhile, it is still decorated.
Page 2 will be coming soon!! 


  1. Looks awesome, can't wait to see the other pages. May have to "scraplift" your idea for my step-daughter for her trip to Forks, Washington.

  2. OMGosh! I wanna go to Forks!!Now that's definitely a scrapbooking moment!